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 John 14:1

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"Absolutely Pure was created to bring you the best non-toxic beauty products. Our products do not contain petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, artificial colourings, irritating emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives or any other nasties! "


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Chemical Free and Organic Toiletries and Cosmetics

Many M.E. sufferers experience chemical sensitivity and intolerance. Most conventional toiletries cosmetics and household cleaners contain highly toxic ingredients which contribute to general pollution and toxin exposure and may lead to serious health problems. Here are some links to online companies who offer safe and effective natural alternatives that you may find useful.


Paints made from natural and organic raw materials breathe easier. Produced in accordance with sustainable organic chemistry principles; when compared to decorating an average home with a mass market petrochemical soup, can  help reduce your carbon footprint by up to 30Kg, and 'make your world a better place'. impressed by the citrus and organic linseed oil perfume, ease of application and coverage. Organically based non toxic water soluble wall and floor finishes, containing no petrochemical solvents fungicides acrylics vinyl's or preservatives, are good news for you, and fantastic news for your environment.

"Pure Skin Care"

"At Pure Skin Care we believe that Organic skin care / Natural skin care should be just that - natural and organic. So whether you desire an organic/natural lifestyle or suffer from skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or have sensitive skin we have an organic skin care solution."

The owner of "Pure Skin Care" is an M.E. sufferer herself and started her business as a result of personal multiple chemical sensitivity.

 "There Must Be A Better Way"

"Natural, Organic Skincare & Cosmetics"

"Pure Nuff Stuff"

"The Green Shop"

"Products for a sustainable future"


"Eco Goods & Garments"

Millaw Handknits:
Vivienne Mills is the Chairman of the Colchester M.E. self help group, Vivienne also runs Millaw Handknits making by hand premature and first-sized baby knitwear and ladies scarves. Vivienne herself suffers from M.E. so would appreciate patience when waiting for orders.

Christian Bands:
A site where up and coming Christian Bands post their songs which you can listen and download for free.

On Eagles Wings:

Hazel Stapleton is a Christian sufferer of M.E. with her own website which gives her own perspective on God and why He allows illness and disease in the world.

M.E Petition
The above is a link to the e-petition site run by the Government. This particular petition is a call for the government to influence the U.K. Health Services to accept the WHO (World Health Organisation) classification of M.E. as an organic neurological disorder and not as a psychosocial syndrome.

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